Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 22

While I would never advocate moving to the suburbs, I found the greatest election going on next door in Menomonee Falls.

E and I had to go pick up an adoption folder for a greyhound that we're adopting out on Saturday.
And as we're driving I think I see a sign that says "Jefferson Davis."
Now, I'm no political strategist, but I'm guessing that if my name were Jefferson Davis I would go by Jeff, or Ferson, or maybe take my mom's last name.
Not this guy.
Which made me think maybe he's playing to the base of those who really do wish ill upon our African America brethren.
We were in the Falls after all.
E and discuss the utter insanity of it when we come upon another sign.

"Randy Newman"
Who, OBS, would get my vote.
Because I agree.
Short people got no reason to live.
Plus Randy Newman has other connotations for me which is an extreme inside joke that would prove not nearly entertaining enough to keep anyone's interest except mine and a very few select friends.

So for a split second I wish I lived in Menomonee Falls so I could get the most ridick ballot of all time.
And cast my vote for a great satirical singer-songwriter.

It should be noted that I actually have no idea what either candidate stands for.
I'm making this analysis purely on their names.

Recession News:
I actually tried to apply for a job that I had already applied to yesterday.
Luckily monster wouldn't let me look like an ass in real life.
Needless to say, I'm assuming I didn't get that job as they are still posting for it.
Boo me.
So I applied to UWM for two positions that I'm pretty sure I won't get cos I never hear anything from UWM or Marquette when I apply there.
I also applied for an Administrative Assistant at Alverno.
E. thought I should hold out for some more "writerly" jobs, but considering I've applied to about 12 jobs and have gotten one rejection letter, and one "Thanks for you interest" letter, I'm guessing this economy doesn't afford me to be that picky.
I think it will be hard enough to match my previous wage.

In other news:
I went and saw B's baby today.
I always find it hard to believe, and yes kind of amazing, when I think that a baby was just in her uterus.
It's weird.
Even though he was super tiny (and quiet! jeez!), I still couldn't believe she pushed that kid out.
But I think I still prefer dogs to babies.
I find as I'm getting older I'm really leaning away from breeding.
I don't have a drive in me that says "have kids have kids have kids" and I don't think one should have a kid if you're just "kind of maybe" thinking about it.
I think that is why we have so many shitty people, kids and acts in the world.
Other people's kids are good enough for me if I randomly feel motherly.
And let's be real.
When does that happen?
Plus it seems to take a lot of your time.
And I like my alone time.
Plus, I don't want to get fat.
Or give up drinking for a year.
All true stories.

God that got boring.
Boo me.

This weekend I actually have plans which should prove fun.
Dinner and drinks with work people on Friday night.
Well, ex-work people.
If it was my current work people it would be Dog and I.
Which, let's be real, would be pretty awesome because Dog would eat everyone's food off their plate at a restaurant.
I finally get to see one of my besties this weekend for a night of drinking and movies.
Since the recession has hit ALL of us.
Well, me.
S-I-L wedding stuff for her.
Tomato Tomato.

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