Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 21

What a drag it is getting old.
[enter sitar music here ala "Mother's Little Helper" by the Rolling Stones].

As some of you know, three at least, I have taken to having dance parties every morning.
By myself.
In my office.
And apparently yesterday I danced too hard.
"But Jj, can there BE such a thing as dancing TOO hard??" you may be asking.

Well compadres.
Apparently when you're pushing 29, and you're dancing like a 7 year old boy.
Then yes.
Yes there is.
For I am full of aches and pains and malaise today.

Don't get me wrong.
I still danced this morning.
Because I don't care who you are.
When "Hungry Like the Wolf" come on.
You dance.
But I had to take it easy on the Mick Jagger kicks.
And the Billy Idol fist pumps.

In actual recession news:
Upon waking up this morning I had an email from the Hunger Task Force.
I was actually kind of excited that I would have another rejection letter to post.
No rejection!
Not an offer either, let's be real.
But at least there is a glimmer of hope for the next 2-4 weeks while they set up interviews and such.
So that is good news.
Well maybe not good news.
But better than the no news that has been occurring during my recession.

I would also like to give big ups to the Apple store at Mayfair.
Super helpful staff (probably because they get to wear jeans to work) and not pressure-y at all.
Which is nice.
Much like we did while we were living the super-broke lifestyle whilst in California, E and I decided to go "window shopping" yesterday for laptops.
So we stopped at the ole Apple store first and then headed over to Best Buy.
Which was not as pleasant.
First of all.
There was a leak in the roof.
I'm not even joking.
And it was kind of leaking onto the merchandise.
Also I had like 7 different people ask me if I needed help.
Finally I asked, "Do you have the new 'green' Dell computers?"
I meant "green" as in eco-friendly...the ones Dell has been advertising lately. Maybe it's HP, I don't know. But she said "No we don't have any, maybe tonight we'll get some in."
"Can you give me the opening price point for those?"
"Around $600, that's what the colored laptops usually are priced at."
Rather than trying to explain myself, I decided to just go look at the Apples and reminisce about the glorious time spent in intelligent conversation at the Apple store.

I realize, I could have made myself more clear, and not everyone is on the super liberal hippie train I am on.
Side note: I've really been on a train metaphor lately.
But the whole time at Best Buy made me itchy and annoyed and tweaky.

Needless to say, I was expecting the exact service I got from both stores.
Which makes me want to spend about $300 more on a laptop from Apple because I like their employees and advertising better.

But let's be real.
I'm not in any type of situation to be spending any money at this point.
So it's all just dreams for the future, kids.
Dreams for the future.

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