Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 13

So I've decided there really IS a recession going on.
Jobs are all shitty and lame.
I haven't started applying to EVERYTHING yet, but I think it may start getting to that point.

On the plus side I did find two jobs that I will apply to that I think I might actually like.
One is with MATC, and one for some charter school that focuses on nutrition for women and children. We will see.
The MATC job pays quite well so I'm hoping for that, and I think I'm most qualified for it.
Insert pessimistic comment here.

I STILL haven't gotten my severance check and that is starting to worry me, as our next pay cycle was supposed to be this friday.
Whatevs, I guess.

I think, think being the operative word here, I will feel better about this whole situation once that comes.

In other news apparently when people get fired/laid off on television shows, they just start businesses.
So this is what I've been doing wrong this whole time.

In all honesty today was a total Monday. I didn't want to do anything that would lead to work or make it feel like I was working.
I did.
But I was taking no joy in it whatsoever.

The good news is E and I FINALLY stayed within our budget for groceries!
Buying beer and wine!
And I even bought stuff for some actual meals.
Not just burritos and pasta.
I made a really good dum-dum alfredo sauce the other day.
Score one for the poor peeps!
So that was good.
We then proceeded to make cheese & onion enchiladas which were super effing good.
To quote E, "We told that dinner what for."
He's filming tomorrow so I think the leftovers will be ALL MINE!
Insert evil laughter here.

Because nothing was on the television, I played solitaire and sang to myself for the rest of the evening.
Don't pity me.
I had a beer, and we all know how much I love to sing.
It actually lifted my spirits.
Feel pity.

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