Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 5

I can't express the sheer joy that drinking Diet Pepsi and eating pizza rolls whilst hungover brings me.

A gorgeous day to be had and I spend the morning blogging, like a real-live blogger.
After P helps me clean up from last night's shennanigans.
Then I take in last night's SNL, which was actually pretty funny.
E has a really grand idea to take Dog for a walk down by the lake which is really refreshing, albeit we are both completely exhausted now.

This is my last day of "freedom" per say.
Before the recession REALLY hits.
And I'm going to enjoy it.
What's left of it anyway.
I have my apple/potato/cheese soup.
Major League on the telly.
And good television to watch tonight.
Plus the new Neko Case to become acquainted with.

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