Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 16

Here is a fun tip for slackers:
If the debacle of when you should get dressed in the morning is too much for you to deal with, sleep in your clothes!

And actually it was a good thing I did.
For last night I did something I rarely do.
I was thinking about this piece I'm working on and I was thinking about the ending.
Cos I am not good at endings.
Mine are always too abrupt, or missing altogether.
This could explain my hatred for 90% of the movie endings out there.
But I stand by my theory that there is nothing like an ambivalent (as opposed to a HAPPY ending).
To wit:
Rosemary's Baby
American Psycho
Of course those are perfectly executed films in other aspects as well.

Anyway. So I woke up to jot these ideas down because I've said it once and I will say it again, I truly believe something happens to your brain as you are relaxing into sleep.
For the longest time I've wanted to get one of those little recorders to record my thoughts because I'd like to think some of them are profound or would at least help with my writing.
So last night I got out of bed, and went to work.
What was supposed to be a quick paragraph of the ending turned into a 3 page outline of the epilogue or afterward or maybe I will be able to work it in somehow...I haven't decided, and will need to talk to some friends to decide what the best option is.

And that was just for the ending.
Since I was up I decided to maybe outline some other key plot points.
As yesterday when I was writing it was kind of aimless.
Which usually, or should I say used to work for me.
But in my old age I've realized I work a wee bit better with at least a rough idea of what I'm doing. It allows me to be a little bit more precise.
To the point I'm nice.
And for those of you keeping score at home.
That was a lyric from the early 90's C+C Music Factory jam, Gonna Make You Sweat.
You love it.

So as repayment for being such a dilligent artist, God in all his infinite glory and wisdom decided to wake me up to the sound of one of the dogs peeing next to the bed.
So at 830, IN THE MORNING, I'm up throwing clothes into the wash, letting the dogs out and making coffee.
Jj no likey.

In other news.
I watched the movie 28 Days last night.
It was not very good.
I realize this movie is like 10 years old, but after watching season one of In Treatment in a span of two days, I needed something a little light, and it was the first movie in the Cinemax On Demand section. So I decided to go for it.

The problem of the film was it was going in to many different directions.
It was kind of like a slapstick, but about drunks/addicts.
Except it wasn't that funny, really at all.
And I'm completely comfortable laughing at inappropriate things.
But then it would get all serious, and not in necessarily a good way.
It did remind me that Viggo Mortenson is quite attractive however.
And that was a nice touch.
But even his role in the movie was really not necessary.
I really should know better from Sandra Bullock films.
Which is too bad, because I think she's kind of pretty, and maybe kind of funny.
But I can't really think of anything she's been in that I've liked.

I could, however, see how the script of this film could read like it would be an okay movie.
I'm just saying.

Today I really need to be domestic.
The house is turning into a disastrica.
And we're out of bread.

Dance party today from 10-11.
My office.
By myself.
Oh yes.

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