Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 2

Well I hope this day hasn't foreshadowed the rest of my unemployment.
I was highly UNsuccessful today.
As opposed to INsuccessful.
Which means you're REALLY successful.

Today I slept in and had no sense of urgency to get anything done.
I didn't do pilates or yoga.
I didn't take Dog for a walk.
I watched about 5 minutes of Superbad.

Side note:
As ridiculous as this movie is I REALLY think it says alot about homosocial relationships among males and I would even go all the way to say this movie brought about the Bromance revolution.
Which is going on the same time as the recession.
Is this a coincidence?
Someone who studies probablility could probably answer better than me.
But I'm going to guess there is some type of correlation.

M, dear soul that she is, offered to buy me lunch today.
Which makes it my second recession meal.
And by recession meal, I mean free.
I've yet to have a recession drink, or a recession smoke, so feel free to be the first!
We went to Amaranth, which I think will be a great little place to review for my portfolio, which will begin after this week is over.
I have to say with the St. Patrick's Day season upon us, I really couldn't have picked a better time to be laid off.
I didn't even pick it.
The gods must really be in need of my liver.

So M and I and her son went and discussed, not my unemployment, (which was great!) but the state of MPS and whether or not she should put her son in MPS.
I, crazy, kidless liberal that I am, am against the voucher system and pro-PRO public schools.
M, also a crazy liberal but WITH a kid (hey I have a dog!) agrees in theory, but doesn't want to dick around with her son.
And I don't blame her.
I don't.
It was a super awesome, super serious lunch.
I love M and am super glad that she is my friend.
She gives me hope that marrieds and moms can have lives outside of marriage and kids.
And I'm not just saying that because she is one of the two readers of this blog.

After a delicious meal of black bean & sweet potato soup and liberal politics, I came home to find E. watching a ridiculously bad movie called "The Flock."

I decided this was unacceptable as Day 1 was so productive, I couldn't let Day 2 slip away by the wayside.

So we decided to bake.

E made blondie caramel brownies, which are currently cooling on the oven.
I made a deliciously different apple-cheese soup, which I already have ideas on how to make better.
And in fine family tradition, we started drinking when we started baking/cooking.
Oh, Grandma Dorothy.
You are a wise one.

I'm finding it oddly interesting at how creative I am now that I don't have corporate america breathing down my neck. Not that I ever felt confined, persay, by my job.
But I couldn't use my slang when coming up with ways to describe pants.
Although I truly think the world is missing out on the word totes.
And ridick.
I'm just saying.

I also have to give the most ridiculous properss to P for sending the most motivating email of all time.
You are Matt Foley.
But way thinner.
And prettier
And I love you with the love of a thousand puppy parties and j's skateboard.
Which is the cutest thing of all time.


  1. the world of pants is worse off for lack of totes and ridick.
    though, honestly, in a catalog totes would be confused for bags by retards.

  2. I just think that would make a better headline...'Totes totes!'

  3. This is too Funny! I love it - particularly because you posted that I am cool and I am not really but I like the compliment!

    And you know I AM going to end up sending my kid to MPS but I guess I just will have to bitch about it for a while because once he is there I heed to be super positive about it.

    I know when you have kids you will be a super cool mom with a social life. Lets face it it is one of the perks of having a partner who is not completely pumped with testosterone - E will love being a dad and staying home while you go out just like Z loves it!