Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 7

Top of the morning to ya!
And a Happy St. Patty's Day to you.
And a Happy Completion of Week 1 of MY Recession!
A good week?
Quite possibly.
I got my "expected" UI figures today.
And I am not happy about his.
They are going by third quarter earning.
So not like UI is that much to begin with, but now it is even less.
This will just hasten the job search I suppose.
Because I think I saw less than a handful to apply to yesterday.

Onto better things!
The destruction of my liver!
Every St. Pat's day my mates and I head to a quaint little irish pub and 6am for some Irish coffee and some bloodies with green beer chasers.
Okay so this is what I drink.
Most mates drank guinness.
I ate the world's spiciest pickle at the first bar and we all decided that Lucky Charms were in order.
We went to the next bar in hopes that they would continue their tradition of serving Lucky Charms.
No such luck of the Irish was with us.
Luckily A had brought homemade cookies.
We then discussed pet names, maiden names and had a signature party on the Mad Libs cover.

After bar two we were jonesing for coffee and bagels so we headed up to the East Pointe Super Center to park the cars, get coffee, and eat some carbs.
De-Lish and well needed nourishment.
We then head to bar #3, where we proceed to do mystery shots, hog the jukebox, play darts, drink 3 pitchers of green beer and discuss the following topics:
The Lesbians ditching us
Rhianna and Chris Brown
Sterilizing people until they pass a "you can have a kid" class.
1984, the book.
Drug addiction
The Cult of Celebrity
Role models, not the movie
Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the movie.

We then headed to bar #4 with the mom from "Throw Momma From the Train" as the bartender (seriously, she was pretty scary), and the hottest mustard of all time.
I thought my nose was going to fall off.
The meaties ate corned beef and cabbage and the veggies ate potato chips and rye bread.
More nourishment, but a litres of beer and a screw driver later we needed more coffee.
And an outdoor patio.

We get more coffee and walk the streets of Milwaukee looking for a bar that has their patio set up.

A comes up with one that is all the way down town.
We decide.
It's a nice day.
Blue skies.
What a day to take a walk in the park.
So we cavort thru Milwaukee, see dead animals, speak of orphanry and monster statues.
And gawk at the bronzest Fonzest.
The patio was not set up.
We rest.
For our journey had been long and tiresome.
In actuality it was probably a 20 minute walk.
As we're heading back to the car I see it.
Across the river.
A beacon of hope.
A patio!
With people drinking!
And not busy!
And drink specials!
So we sit on the patio, drink some more (for those of you keeping score I stuck with soda and water at this bar, and was sufficiently sober by the end of the day).
Ridiculousness and Mad Libs ensues.
As do giggle parties galore.
The bar starts getting crowded so we decide to call it a day.
12 hours after starting so very early that morning.
We were done.
Well done, mates.
Well done.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Jess! On to the commentary...

    When Jim and I were dating, he had shared with me his opinion that people should be sterilized if they couldn't demonstrate a requisite IQ. I disagreed with him, arguing that such an act would infringe upon people's right to have children if they so desire. After 8 years of teaching, I now strongly agree that something needs to be done about these people that are procreating...A test, at least.