Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 10

My house is filled with dogs!
I love it!
And the boy dog I'm sitting for is in love with my dog.
And it's totally cute and adorable.

I have nothing on the docket today, except some basic house upkeep.
And the obvious looking for jobs.

But jeez, I'm up early enough.
I forget that most dogs aren't sleep champions like mine.

After a much needed shower I decided to have the breakfast of champions (chips & salsa, it's not even 10 yet) and apply for two jobs!

Daily total for jobs applied:
One was a scam off of craig's list, stupid jerks.
But I'm pretty sure the rest are real.
I've applied for the following:
*Part-time intern
*Development Coordinator at Marquette
*Office Associate at Marquette
*Milwaukee Legal Assistant
*Sr. Copywriter
*Freelance type creative thing

I think I will reward this work with a movie, or some television.

I'm doing a really good job.

I wish it were warmer out so I could take all of these dogs for a walk.

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