Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 4

Beware the Ides of March.
Well that is the party that we're throwing this evening.
And is if this day wasn't busy enough we decided to do a little volunteering on top.

We have a home visit in Bay View to do at 1030, which would generally be early for me on a Saturday morning. But since I've been sleeping in (pseudo sleeping in) this whole week, 1030 seems do-able.

We do the home visit, which takes pretty much the perfect amount of time.
And we decide to hit Transfer for some pizza.
And let me say this.
I am so glad we did.
It was so delicious and made me full in a good way.
And I think I will try to write a review for my portfolio.
Plus we had Dog riding with us from the home visit, and she always makes me happy.

We then head to recession-proof retail giant for some sheets for the toga party.
Beware the Ides of March=toga party.
Because we are ridiculous people.

We get back and E. decides to spend two hours playing Flight Simulator.
I can't make this up.
I watch a decidedly quaint little picture entitled "Two Weeks" which wasn't amazing, but I didn't hate it.
I rather enjoyed it, in fact.

E. leaves for tennis and I'm left with the office.
The office that I gave up on yesterday.
Today I see a little clearer.
I see the work I put in yesterday will actually speed up the process today.
I put some tunes on, and get to work.
And I work dilligently.
Three hours later, the room is clean-ish (still not as good as I want it to be) but definitely presentable.
Dust is mostly gone, floors vacuumed.
One can breathe in without inducing an asthma attack.
It's a good thing.

A, P and I decide to run to the fabric store to pick up acoutrements for that evening's party.
And then to the grocery store for the necessities for the party.
We work in record time and get back to my place and immediately throw a pot of coffee on and start cutting breads, laying crackers, spreading dip.

We marvel at our own domesticity, for as much as we think we aren't grown-ups.
We're highly domestic in a ridiculous way.
If you put the three of us together, we would be the stereotypical 50's/60's housewife.
P is really good at cleaning, A is good at all things culinary and crafty, and I throw parties with punch and make party food.

And boy, was that taco dip good.

The party was a good time. It felt like a low turn-out but that didn't stop the group from singing "Don't Stop Believin'" or "November Rain" at the top of our lungs.

The food was a hit and I think I have the perfect amount of leftovers.
Yay for booze, food, and merriment, all whilst wearing sheets.
I need to get better at taking pictures because people did a really good job with their togas.
Way to go everyone.
Oh and we even had a bull to sacrifice.
Kind of.

Party was over pretty close to bar time, so I guess that is a success.
I've become so old during this recession.
Or this life.

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