Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 6

While the day I actually got laid off was cold and rainy and utterly dreary.
The days following have been progressively better.

It was too nice to finish cleaning, so I made coffee, threw in some laundry and pontificated on being a victim of the recession.

I also decided to bite the bullet and look for some work.
As much as I like having a clean house and the ability to do basically whatever I want, whenever I want, the bills are not going to pay themselves.

Severance hasn't come yet, and E is still waiting on some film skrilla.
Which will help, but not save us.
I will say this.
Those people who say they could never not work.
I think they are liars.
Not working is awesome.
Maybe it's because I live in the Money Pit of Milwaukee, and my house is in a constant state of repair/disarray. Or maybe it's because I'm just good at activities OTHER than watching telly, but I seriously have been loving having this time off.
Sure, I miss talking to people other than my dog and my partner, but there is this great thing called google chat, which I couldn't use before at work. Not to mention facebook.
Let's be honest.
Sucked a little too much of time in the early part of this recession.

In other news.
Since today was so super duper gorgeous out, we decided to go to Miller Park with Dog and exchange some vouchers that we had just received in the mail from me pops.
It was great, Dog was a bit tired towards the end, and I should have worn socks, but it was so nice, my pineal gland was in heaven.

Because we are so ridiculously out of shape, we were exhausted by the end of the walk, plus my feet had blisters.
I think this recession is giving me blisters.
I have never had so many as I have since this recession, MY recession started.

Wouldn't that be a great series of commericials?
This recession, MY recession.
I am a sheer genius, toffee nut latte.
But let's be real.
Although the recession may not be the "plebians" fault, wouldn't it be better if we all took a little responsibility for it?
I am not an economist, so this might make absolutely no sense.
But I liken it to picking up litter on your street.
Something I, unfortunately, am ridiculously familiar with.
The litter is not my fault. It's most likely not even anyone who lives on my block's fault.
But I pick it up, because it's gross and I don't like it.
And my block doesn't need to look more ghetto.
Excuse me, "Milwaukee Proper."
I don't know if I'm naturally a "helper" but if something needs to get done, and I have the means to get it done, then I will just do it.
Does it get frustrating that I do it all the time?
But do I prefer a clean block vs. a nasty one?
And it's blatantly clear that no one else is going to do it.
This is the de rigueur of trying to breathe some sort of life in an urban area.
Which, to be honest, I'm not sure I'm cut out for.
Le Sigh.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, which traditionally would have been a day off for me, and I guess it still is, in essence. But now I have all the days off AFTER too.

Side note:
I'm thinking of bringing back ye.
I'm trying to think of ways to brighten up my recession and I think having a clean house and bringing back archaic vocab is good (read free) way to do it.
Also spelling old and shop with "e's".
Ye Olde Shoppe.
And now I'm smiling.

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