Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 3

I really let this day slip through my jobless hands.
I had the grand intention of cleaning the office, which could easily be the most disgusting room in all the house.
Sure it smells nice because there is an old bag of potpourri that a foster dog got into about 6 months ago, and it sits in the sun, but seriously.
Papers papers everywhere.
And underneath papers everything you can think of:
Halloween invite stuff from two years ago.
House documents

I felt like I worked for hours and got nothing done.
I was disgusted with E, our lives together and how piggish we truly are.
So I stopped.

It should be noted that before tackling this hellish project I wasted a good part of the day sleeping in, then playing on facebook.
A long long time.

So it could be said that my heart wasn't into the cleaning.
And I had dinner plans that night to celebrate P's birthday.
After what seemed like the most ridiculous string of phone calls to decide where we should eat, we decided on the old standby with beer, wine, and veggie & meaty fare for all.
Family secrets were told.
The recession was discussed.
And by recession I mean my getting laid off.
I met another vicitm outside while smoking.
That felt good.
And we both laughed that we were out, spending money, and drowning our sorrows away with friends with jobs.
Seemingly recession-proof jobs.

Got home at a decent hour and watched a pretty bad movie on some premium cable channel.
"The Babysitters" with John Leguizamo and Cynthia Nixon and some 20-something meant to be high schoolers.
And babysitting turns into whoring yourself out for the creepy old men that live in your neighborhood.
Which is fine.
If you're into that.
I, movie snob that I am, thought it could have been done better.
That's all.
Which, let's be real.
This is easy for me to say as I have never finished a screenplay, much less had one produced.
I mean.
I don't even have a job.

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