Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 18

I think at the end of all this I will have one of the following:
1. A wacky sitcom
2. A memoir-esque book
3. A really long blog
4. A low paying job which will enable me to still blog.
5. All of the above.
6. None of the above.

Today was ridiculously busy.
Drive-y and busy.

While I think I will wake up early at the thought of omelettes and coffee the night before, it never works out that way.
Instead I sometimes wake up to coffee, but am usually too nauseous to want to eat anything.
Such it was this fine morning.
E. had made coffee, I overslept leaving us but an hour to run to Value Village to look for a new stereo receiver.
Cause of death for previous receiver?
Party hearty/hardy.
While VV doesn't have a receiver they do have lots of breadmakers which I'm tempted to buy so I can start a ridiculous business of bread and jam.
So no receivers but we do leave with arms full.
For $12 we bought:
*A Union Roundy's jacket with the name "Larry" embroidered on it (E. apparently has a penchant for work coats, see "Dean" embroidered on numerous Oceanspray shirts/jackets/coats).
*An old school tennis racquet with the name and face of Evonne Goolagong
*A jar that seals and clamps, most likely for spaghetti, but could be used for other things
* tennis shorts for E.
I was quite close to buying an old Brewers' shirt with the #20 for Podsednik on it, but $2 seemed a little high.
I love that I'm at the point where I think VV prices are too high.
Loves it.

We then came home, dropped everything off, and I dropped E. off at tennis in New Berlin, then out to Oak Creek to pick up a dog, which then promptly threw up in my car, then drove to Bay View for a dog-kid intro, then back to Oak Creek to drop the dog off, then home to start soup for a potluck which I thought was an hour and a half earlier than it actually was, then pick up E. from New Berlin.

It was ridiculously tiring.

I was really looking forward to what was supposed to be a barbeque, but the 5 inches of snow we got put a small damper on things. While the meaties still grilled, the potluck was really well represented and fun, for a small-ish gathering.
6 neighbors in milwaukee proper, eating drinking, and playing games.
Great fun indeed, not to mention, I had the best (okay only) risotto I've ever had.
I was a little sad that I missed out on M's bachelorette party, but felt I wasn't truly invited anyway, and it was better money wasn't spent in all actuality.

There IS a recession going on people.

Not to mention, I'm old and 6 hours of drinking red wine and a weirdo beer had me yawning like a banshee.
Being an olds sucks.

1 comment:

  1. okay, goofus.
    you were totally invited.
    keep in mind that M's sisters put together the shindig and have never met you.
    i wouldn't tell you you were invited if you weren't.
    but in all honesty, you would have hated it.
    so i am glad you had potluck fun.
    and it was the frigging storm of the century downtown...surprise!