Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 20

Day 20.
A full business month if you will.
And still no job.
And it's not for lack of trying.

Okay so maybe TODAY it's for lack of trying, but in previous weeks it hadn't been.
And let's not forget I've been working creatively.
And I've taken up dancing.
In the morning.
It's flipping fantastic.
Not literally flipping, because I am not that coordinated.
But super fun.
Just let Itunes take over and my office becomes the hottest dance party in town.
And it's amazing what you can find you can dance to.
Hi Hi Hi by Wings.
One wouldn't traditionally think that Wings would provide good dance tunes.
But there I was.
1130 this morning pumping my fists in the air and doing high kicks.
It's THAT kind of dancing.
Dancing that a 7 year old boy might do.
It's perfect.
Except, I think I pulled some type of side/back muscle.
Because I'm an olds.
And I gots to dance.

In other news.
My hair looks really good today.
Just thought I would share.

Got an MLB catalog so I perused the super cute yet overpriced tee shirts.
Which then inspired me to try on all my new Brewer clothes thanks to the fire sale and Christmas time.
Check and done.
Everything fits.
I'm hoping my dance parties will help in that situation a little bit.

E. gets home with Taco Bell.
I know.
I know.
TB is NOT good food.
But it's really good junk food.
And we were both craving it the day before.
So it was a delicious treat.

I may purchase a rolling pin later in the day.
It's THAT kind of crazy day.

Job update:
Applied for TWO jobs today.
Was very excited to see an opening at Hunger Task Force for a Communication Coordinator!
It could combine my mad writing skillz with my drive to be a productive member of Milwaukee.
Keeping the digits crossed.

Also applied for a job at Marquette, but thus far my job search there has proved extremely unfruitful.
Barren one could say.

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