Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 17

Glory of glories.
The severance came today.
Make that.
My measly severance.

I'm trying to figure out what the fiscally/job-getting/regular responsible thing to do with this chunk of change. Pay off a credit card? Get a macbook (for writing purposes, not for fun)? Save it? Put in a ponzi scheme?

On the way to deposit said check, I stop off at the ole BT Supercenter to pick up pieces that will hopefully aid in my portfolio building, which my former boss so super-nicely gathered for me.

First of all, I treat E. and I to Topperstix.
Mostly because I've heard people talk about them incessantly and it is right buy an ATM, used to deposit said check.
(As an added bonus, I also got a refund check from a credit card from overpayment!)
The Topperstix were pretty good, I have to say although I wasn't super impressed with the sauce choices.
I think it would be really good drunk food.

We then head home after our "treat" because the dogs we are dogsitting for are getting picked up that day. The dogs leave without much fanfare but ANOTHER bonus is in the thank you care, fifty bucks! YES! All to play with dogs. Pretty effing sweet.

So it was a good Friday. We were dreadfully bored and had nothing to do Friday night so it was spent watching movies and eating junk food, which is a rarity in the house, but oh, baked cheetos and diet delicious are you!?!?

We watch "Good Luck Chuck" which is not good.
Not like I was expecting it to be, but sometimes Dane Cook can cause a laugh.
But seriously.
Bad news this one.
Don't watch.

E. then decides to play Flight Simulator, oh if only I was making this I watch "300."
It was actually really good.
And I really liked it.
It wasn't nearly as homoerotic as I thought it would be, which was slightly disappointing, but the story was rather intriguing and I enjoyed the way it was executed.
Although, I do wish there would have been more blood.
Because the blood would splatter, but then disappear.
Which kind of annoyed me.
But if you are looking for a good action movie, with an interesting story and that doesn't hate on the ladies, I recommend it!

After that I took in "A Perfect Murder."
Apparently this movie is based on Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder."
Which I have to think would be better.
Predictable, bleah.
I think I would prefer "Fatal Attraction" for a film with Michael Douglas about marital dischord.

In other news:
No news on the job front.
I will be taking the weekend off from the job search to focus on house-y things.
Fixing stereos, baking bread, etc.

I probably could have done more job searching today, but I thought the receiving of my severance and portfolio pieces was a step in the right direction.

PLUS I haven't even gotten any more rejection letters.
Which makes me think no one is even looking at my awesome-dawsome resume.
There are a lot of unemployed tall girls out there.

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