Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 15

I constantly find myself in the precarious position of whether or not I should get dressed.
I've read that whilst unemployed you should get dressed and act as if you're going to work, but use that time and energy to look for employ instead.
Yeah, mother effing right.
It's no secret that I am not a morning person.
I have no issue of working 10-12 hours a day as long as I can start at like 10-11-12.
Yesterday I did the majority of my writing from 4-8, with a coffee break with my P.
Because I've been homebound now for the whole week.
I'm like a non-crazy, Jack Nicholson in "The Shining."
Not crazy yet.

I usually do get dressed but usually it's before I have to go somewhere.
I haven't become the busha that goes out in her housecoat and house shoes.
Not yet.

I'm currently waiting for both of these things to happen.
I'll let you know when I start seeing dead twinsies all over the place.

If it were nice out I wouldn't hate it so much cos I could ride my bike without losing all the circulation in my digits. As it is still a little cold out, and I'm trying TRYING to slowly pack up the winter gear (not the scarves, obs...I need some kind of calling card), I'm not about to unpack it all so I can ride my bike to get out of the house.

I'm gonna be cheeseball right now and say how I think writing a couple pages in my updated voice did wonders for my mood.
It also created more work, as I will have to back and edit/re-write the stuff I started years ago.
But I feel as if I have an end in sight.
But also some other ideas too.
I think I even have a title.
Oh this is becoming like a Hall and Oates record.
Bigger Than the Both of Us.
And just so you know.
It takes a certain kind of genius to drop in obscure Hall and Oates references.

Speaking of which.
Something is amok with my receiver and my tunage for the downstairs is currently nil.
I should've known something would happen while we were dressed in togas.
This really puts a damper on my housekeeping/cookery because we all know how much I love to cook while listening to Jesus Christ Superstar.
Not even a lie.
Who doesn't love to cook with the Messiah?
So I may look into that today.
And by look into.
I mean I will unplug things and plug them back in.
Because that is how scientific I am.

In job search news:
My former boss called me and I should be able to update my portfolio now!
Because that is what has been holding me back this whole time.
That is why I have been declining the interviews that I won't stop getting.
But it will be nice to see my work and get it together.
Maybe I will do a video resume like on "How I Met Your Mother"
It can't hurt at this point.

In other news.
I can't believe how mother loving CLOSE baseball season is!
And to think that I was going to have to find an AM radio to listen to the first game.
Now, I will get to watch in GLORIOUS HD in the comfort of my own home.
OR maybe I will scrounge some change and head to some place that has cheap tappers.
And by cheap, I mean a quarter.
I could test my awesome barfly skills out and see if people would just buy this awesome, unemployed baseball fan a drink.
Oh so many options.
And a whole baseball season to try them out in.
Nothing but time.

And because I'm currently in a facebook argument regarding the granting of a beer license to a corner store in Bay View.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the corner, where Lulu, Cafe Centraal, that bank all reside.
Well right next to Lulu is a corner store.
The owner has tried to get a license to sell beer because he claims it's the only way his business will survive.
The elitist restaurants don't want this cos they feel it will bring a dirty/annoying element to their trendy nightspot.
This is obviously a class issue as every corner store where I live, i.e. "Milwaukee Proper," sells beer, cell phones, hubcaps, etc.
Anyway, I just find it frustrating that this is blatant classist behavior.
Read the article here.

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