Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 51

I need to get better at posting like I used to.
It's hard to keep up though.
Truly truly truly outrageous.

Late breaking news from yesterday, however:
Yet ANOTHER test from my prospective job.
I'm okay with it though, as it's a copywriter test and from the looks of it, it looks as if they want to know if I can ape their style.
Which, much like my personality/singing voice, I should be able to do.
Should being the operative word.
I will wait until tomorrow to complete said test as I don't want to seem over zealous.
This is a fair assumption, yes?

Today we woke up early to make quiche for my grandma.
Now before you go saying how cute that is and what a good granddaughter I am let me say this.
Last Christmas
(I gave you my know the words, sing along)
I totally forgot to get her a present.
Insert wicked granddaughter gasp here.
So as her present I made her a "calendar" of "gift certificates"
Like in January I took her out for lunch.
February was her favorite dessert.
You get the idea.
Well May was some of Erin's "famous" quiche.
He does, in fact, make super awesome-delicious quiche.
Except this time I made the crust rather than buying in from the store.
I couldn't believe how freaking easy/cheap it was.
I have to say we are getting really good at cooking things.
We didn't have any cream so we substituted plain yougurt and a wee bit of powdered sugar.
We are awesome.
Needless to say the quiche was a hit.
We got to play some Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune as my grandma only watches the Gameshow Network or CMT.

We then get home and do a quick clean of the house as our guest greyhounds are do to go home.
They were quite lovely houseguests, however. And I think we were slightly sad to see them go.
Even if it did make us crazy cat people, but with greyhounds, per M.

Tuesday evening was spent with P and her future SIL shopping for dresses.
Because I am a hobo, I have no dress clothes.
So we spent the early part of the evening perusing Urban Outfitters, which had absolutely very little appropriate for the wedding (their website, however, is quite lovely and efficient). Plus I don't have a beard nor was I wearing skinny jeans or black eyeliner.
Something I did learn:
I can pull off just about any pair of sunglasses.
So maybe that is my super power.
Which would make sense, as it's completely useless and ridick.
Much like myself.

Later that evening I took in the Brewer game, in which they won the series vs. the Pirates of Pittsburgh.
Well done Brewers.
They've been playing well lately, which means JJ is a happy camper all of the time.
Item of note:
It was Trevor Hoffman's first "official" save for the Brewers.
It's exciting to have a bona fide closer on the team again.
And it's exciting that he has such a dramatic entrance.
He enters to Hell's Bells, which is probably one of the more dramatic songs a closer could have.
Sure it's not as funny as "The Dream Police" which is what they play when DiFelice enters a game, but it sure is ominous.

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