Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 42

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday.
Much like many of my Sundays have become.
Slept in a bit, did some blogging, chatted with M. about the trials and tribulations of our perennial up-and-coming neighborhood and then took in the Brewer game.
On television.
And we won!
Suppan and most other pitchers were on.
Which is somewhat amazing, considering how much he has sucked this year.
But he did it.
And the Brewers were able to back it up with some runs.
I'm not gonna lie.
There numerous bases loaded jams.
We got out of them.
I figure if we can't score with men on base, why should other teams?
So we pulled one out and won a game!
We didn't get swept at brand new recession-field.
Sure we lost the series, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

In other news.
E. screened a film a worked on and it got great reactions from the crowd!
Good job E.!
We celebrated with going out for sushi and it was, as always, so ridiculously good.
Here's to you Fujiyama.

I also had a PJR moment.
As you know I've taken to watching films again.
I think it's interesting because my academic career I want to discuss every movie I see.
And not just be like "I liked it, it had a good beat, it was easy to dance to."
But the where the whys the hows.
And I know this makes me extremely pretentious.
I know this.
I accept it.
But I think everyone is permitted one thing they can be pretentious about.
What have you.
Mine is movies.
I was watching a film on Sundance.
And I was just not entertained by it at all.
And I thought to myself "Why am I watching this? This isn't car-wreck bad, this is just boring."
So. I changed the channel.
Which is a big move for me.
Because usually I force myself to get thru it.
I force myself to read books I may not necessarily like, or want to throw across the room.
But I just changed teh channel and settled into a some OTHER film.
And I didn't like that one either.
So I found another one.
And this one had good actors, about the gays, written well, and was kind of funny.
So I decided to spend my time (waiting for E to get home) on that film instead.
And it felt good.

That was my big revelation for the day.
Other than that not too much else happened.

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