Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 49

I forgot to tell you of yet another rejection letter I got.
This came on Friday.
And I love that I get rejection letters NOW for jobs I applied to probably like a month ago.
Thanks for letting me know I didn't get the job, my deductive reasoning isn't that poor.
If after two weeks of submitting a rezzy I don't hear anything, I assume I'm not getting that job.
I think that is a fair amount of time.

Also as part of me getting laid off by The Bon-Ton Supercenter, I got this package from careerbuilder, with a resume writing service. And while my current resume seems to be doing okay in getting some hits, I figured I might as well use this service since I didn't have to pay for it.

So I send them all of my info and they create a new resume for me.
I hate it.
It's one of those super flashy looking ones, and it's over one page long.
Which I don't like, because let's be real, it's not as if my career is that long and illustrious.
I do good, prompt work.
So I don't know what to do.
Maybe like use it and shorten it.
That is my thought.
I don't know.
Maybe some places like that sort of thing.
I will keep you posted.

Today was another ridiculously lazy day.
And rainy.
So Cold Spring Park is still a garbage magnet.
In case you were wondering.

In other news.
My ear is plugged up.
And no insurance means I can't go to the doctor to get it cleaned out.
So pardon me if I have to ask you to repeat yourself incessantly.
It's not that I'm not listening, it's that I can't.
On the left side anyway.

Amidst the rain and muck E and I took in the Falls Patio Players production of "Grease."
Because R. one of E's co-workers was in it.
And, apparently, a girl I went to high school with.
I'm about 95% positive.
R. did very well.
But the acting and casting of most of the other cast, was pretty horrendous.
The lead guy is a drama teacher for middle school! E and I felt really sorry for those kids.
Now, I realize I shouldn't complain because I don't know much about stage productions. I would have totally been a theater kid in high school, except that our high school only did musicals and I refused to go to practice every day after school so I could be part of a ridiculous boring chorus.
Because as much as I love to sing, I'm not very good at it which would mean "chorus."
And unless you're a moron, you could learn the songs and dances in one Saturday.
Plus I had a job, which made extra cirriculars impossible.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure I could act better than most of them AND E. was a total drama nerd in HS and actually has directed plays and such and is good at it.
I suppose it is just community theater, but seriously?
I have to think that there are better actors out there, not to mention a lot of them had been in other productions!
So I think perhaps my calling is to be a community theater actor.
I'm imagining "Waiting For Guffman" will now be my life.
I'm pretty sure I could get a job at Dairy Queen.
I will keep you posted.

In other news:
Because it was so rainy and cold and damp I decided to make a carb explosion for dinner.
Mashed potatoes and home made mac-n-cheese.
The best part of meal like this is it actually tastes better the next day and there are most assuredly leftovers for 3-4 days.
Good times indeed.
Because who doesn't love comfort food?
P. makes a mac-n-cheese pizza which I'm dying to try.

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