Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 27

It's Baseball day here at the B-C household.
The Padres' first game is tonight (E's team).
I'm even wearing my Beavers shirt to support them.
(The Beavers are the Padres' AAA team.)

The Cubs play the Astros and I will most defs be rooting for the Astros.
Right now anyway, until we're in a pennant race.
Then and only then will I (begrudgingly) root for the Cubs to beat another team in our division.
It's an "if/when/but" situation.
And I don't like to do it.
Not at all.

But then!
Brewer Ball starts tomorrow!
Excitement is brewing.
Pun totally intended.
I will re-read all the Brewer info I have amassed.
Maybe I will finally work on that baseball cd.
I've already been practicing my baseball sayings/cliches:
*If you can touch it, you can catch it *STRIKE this guy OUT *Turn it turn it turn it *It's still early in the season. *It's a long season. *You gotta make that play.
*Too high! Too high? *COME ON BLUE!
*Effing Cubs *The Cubs still suck
Just to name a few.
I usually pick up a few as the season goes on.

Recession news:
Applied for two jobs today.
Media Relations Assistant for the Salvation Army
Outreach Program Coordinator at Cardinal Stritch
I actually think I am qualified for both of these.
But I'm not expecting much since I have gotten one bite in almost, what, 20 resumes sent out?
Applied to get my unemployment check.
Big news for MY recession.
Per yuge I will let you know how the job search goes.

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