Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 24

I woke up rather early today due to the presence of a pseudo foster dog.
So I let the dogs out.
Have a morning smoke.
Battle some random vertigo (??? Seriously? My life has become a JD Salinger novel), and make some coffee.

Upon checking my email I have the obligatory facebood notifications, the job search results (mostly populated with jobs I'd already applied to) and...
And a message from one of the Madison jobs!
I assumed it was a "Thankyouforyourapplication.Duetothehighvolume...blahblah Bleah."
But it wasn't.
Instead it was just a cordial note checking to make sure I knew the job was located in Madison.
Why yes.
Yes I did know that.
So I'm hopeful that is a good sign.

In other recession news:
I've had 3-5 people talk to me about grad school.
In the past 24 hours.
Is this God trying to tell me something?
Is this my mind playing tricks on me?
Is this me just finding pointless connections?
Is grad school the answer to the recession that everyone gives?
So I wanted to make a statement.
If I still do not have a job by the end of baseball season, because let's be real.
It's kind of a blessing that I got laid off right before Brewer season starts.
God doesn't shut a door without opening a window.
Man I love cheesy cliches.
This is God's country.
And it's not like I'm going to be concentrating on much else once the Brewers throw out the first pitch.
I mean job searches, blogs, and baseball I can handle.
But job searches, grad school applications, blogs AND baseball? That is a lot.
I think.
Plus I think the summer would entail many professors on sabbatical or vacation.
So it works out that way too.
Because I really do miss talking about film.
And books.
And cultural zeitgeists.

So last night I watched "Fried Green Tomatoes."
Mostly because I love Mary-Louise Parker and I just finished watching the last season of Weeds.
So I remember seeing that movie in the theater and liking it (I think I was like 11?).
And then I remember all these rumblings about whether or not the characters, the two girl characters were gay.
And my reaction was thus (in order)

Upon watching the film again there is obvious lesbian symbolism, but I couldn't help but wonder:
Much like Flagg (the author of the book) stated, she didn't write specifically about lesbians, just two women in love, with a deep commitment/bond to each other. While I agree to a point with this, I also think my view on sexuality(straight or queer) is a lot more fluid than most other people. But I also think representation in film or culture is important.
If you want to read an interesting article on the film you can do so here.
I really enjoyed it as it's written in the relevant time of the movie, but sadly a lot of the topics are still super relevant today.
[I realize this is probably only interesting to me, but this is what I mean when I say I'm a film geek/snob. I read articles on films to validate my theories.]

In other news:
I get to go out to dinner with friends tonight and in the waiting time I plan to edit some of my newest miserable failure.
Work on making my screenplay into a short story, as I think it would actually help the screenplay itself. And as much as I hate to admit it...I tihnk it might actually work better as a story.
But I'm not promising myself anything.
I'm gonna middle it out.
I'm actually quite excited at the mental picture of me, alone at a bar looking studious with wine.
It's the little things.

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