Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 38

I woke up nervous due to my impending phone interview.
I decided to waste some time on FB and my other assorted websites and then decided to do research on interviews.
And by research I mean look up sample questions and sample answers.
Which is totally lame.
But I also find it to be helpful because it puts me in a worker-bee mentality.
So I'm a nerd.
A jobless nerd at that.

The phone interview takes place and I *THINK* I do a good job.
It's hard to tell because HR people are perennially happy and perky.
I did get some "great answers" and "great questions." which I always consider a good thing.
I don't want to get too excited because the more she told me about UWCU the more it seemd like a great place to work...Like I was actually excited about having a job again rather than being forced to have a job again.
Potential good sign: She talked in great depth about their benefits, which I don't think benefits were ever mentioned in a first interview before for me...not like I have a lot of multiple interview experience...
Oh Le Sigh.
I will hear something by next Wednesday, I guess.
So please keep all yer fingers crossed and thumbs held for me.
Holding your thumbs is a form of good luck in the Czech Republic.

After the first real bite of the recession E & I decided to celebrate in recession fashion:
Getting library cards!
As some of you may know.
E and I aren't the most prompt people in the world.
And this included library books.
So after shelling out $30 to pay for fines that were acquired from when we lived on Shorewood, we got library cards.
And then!
I'm currently listening to a Ryan Adams cd I don't have, but will have forever thanks to the digital revolution that is MP3.
I was even super proactive and put stickies on each thing we got so we can remember when they are due.
Classy I know.
And I got three books on baseball! YES!
I will now be even smarter on my favorite topic!
But can I tell you what I'm really excited about?
The CountyCat system.
You can renew/reserve books ONLINE!
And AND!
You can have reading lists (I think).
Which is perfect for someone like me who loves lists but so rarely uses them.
Remembering that a lot of my childhood was spent at the library, I have to say that my mom did a pretty good job with us...She used to be a reader back in the day.
So needless to say I was so very very excited about the library and all my future adventures there.
I know I know I know.
I really should have been on this bandwagon a while ago...but alas.
I'm a late-bloomer.

Unlike my turnips/mesclun mix/broccoli which are growing like crazy!
I think I will have to move my other seeds in the sun as they are not growing nearly as well.
Well, one lone sunflower out of like 8 is.

How could the day get any better you ask?
Well...the Brewers FINALLY won a game.
And a Happy Jackie Robinson Day to you.
Mike Cameron belted TWO homeruns in the easy feat.
9-3 being the final score and are pitching was ON.
As were the hitters.
Yay us.

Recession food news:
Cheese was on sale a week ago so E and I stocked up.
$2.99/lb seems like a pretty good deal for the basic cheese: mozzerella, cheddar, what have you.
So tonight we decided to make homemade pizza.
Delicious, filling, and CHEAP!
The dough was prepared in the breadmaker with the simplest of ingredients; flour (I was out of all purpose so I used wheat--healthy!), water, yeast, salt, olive oil.
After the breadmaker had it's way with it, I kneaded the dough a bit to get the air out and then rolled it into a circular shape.
About 1/4 of a can of tomato sauce, then cheese, then the canned tomato/garlic/basil mix that we use for bruschetta (about 1/2) that can) then some mozzerella and parmesean.
Bake at 400 for 20 minutes and you have one of the most delicious pizzas in the history of the world.
Well homemade at least.
I'm excited to start growing veggies so I can experiment with different types of pizzas.

Top day.
Top night.

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