Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 43

Since the dogs woke me up ridiculously early, I've already accomplished the following:
1. blogging
2. facebook play
3. emailing
4. dog duty
5. coffee making
6. jsonline reading

On the docket:
I will most definitely continue the coffee making.
I have some assessments to take for the Uline interview.
I have some light housekeeping.
Ha ha.
I just said light housekeeping.
We also need to get dog food (I think we get a free bag this time! WAHOO!)
I need to return my Ryan Adams cd to the libes.
There might also be some bulk purchases made at Outpost as we need flours.

And in an effort to keep up my habit of complimenting good deeds.
I sent Journal-Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane a note of praise.
I thought his last article, about the tea parties that were taking place was good, and in kudos to me, he brought up the point I made while shouting at the various quasi-celebs that Fox got to help with their message.
The Boston Tea Party was about, say it with me "No taxation without representation."
Say what you will about public school, but I all of my school was public and I got this.
I got this in 5th grade.
Okay so I did a skit about the the tea party, but...I don't have a degree in history.
I don't even remotely consider myself a history buff.
And I got this point.
Unlike the Fox News Nation, where I saw/heard (okay so we were flipping channels and I wasn't glued to this as I can't watch it without raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels) NOTHING in regards to the taxation/representation argument.
So Eugene Kane brought up this comment in his column and I thought I would just say thanks.
I don't always agree with what he says, but I think he raises important issues that Milwaukee doesn't want to believe are there, namely persistent racist attitudes.

In dog news:
We will be dog sitting two dogs this week!
For the past two years we've dog sat for these guys and they are great.
Much like all the dogs in my life they retired racing greyhounds named Tipsy and Peanut.
If the mood strikes I will try to get some pictures, because they are quite the duo.
I think Rex and Super will be happy to have some extra furry creatures here.
Well Rex anyway.
With the Super Code McGavin it's always a crapshoot.

Finished the assessments.
This is what I've learned:
I am an ENTJ on the Myers-Briggs personality scale.
Which is interesting because I consider myself an introvert and as a child I tested as an INTP.
I then took a ridick sales/customer service test.
And all I could think of is how I handled people at Starbucks.
Which is humourous to say the least.
Because when it comes down to it.
I was good at my job there.
That test took a long time and frustrated me.
Mostly because I hate going places where there are sales people that want to talk to you all the time or the mentality is ABC: Always Be Closing.
I have no idea where I learned that but alas...see previous post about Best Buy vs. Apple store.
Then I got to take a writing test which I thoroughly enjoyed and think I did well on.
Interview is Thursday unless they call me and say they don't want me due to my scores.

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