Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 31 (best cheekbones in all of MLB free inside!)

Today I will be applying for jobs the old fashioned way.
Kind of old fashioned.
I will be turning in an application that I filled out.
Which was weird, AND a pain.
I am also including my resume as the they did not give you alot of room on the app to write down stuff.
It's a job at MATC and it sounds like I would be good at it AND it pays well.
A strange combination indeed.

Recession Garden News:
Some seeds sprouted! I can't believe it! AND it's my veggie seeds!
I think a turnip, a broccoli and a salad mix seed!
Yay me!
Maybe my thumb isn't black like my heart after all.

I've also been having the weirdest of dreams lately.
I attribute this to the full moon.
Does this make sense?
I have no idea, but my friend on the west coast has also been having highly irregular dreams.
So perhaps.
What else is constant in our lives?
Besides our awesomeness.

Recession food news:
I made a delicious Iranian dish last night.
Tanjeen? Tangeen? Something to that effect.
I didn't have saffron, which is apparently the most expensive spice of all time.
So I substitued turmeric and Emeril essence.
It's not a main dish, but it's cheap, easy and will most likely be made for the various potlucks I go to.
I think I could add some sugar/cinnamon/spice/all things nice and make it into a dessert.
I will, obs, keep you posted.

And the greatest news you may be asking?
Gallardo was ON AND hit a three run homer.
That is a feat for a pitcher.
It seems as if the bats are waking up a bit, and the pitching was definitely there.
I'm not going to say he's our ace.
Which seems to be what the Milwaukee sports community is doing.
I am cautious and don't want my heart to be broken later in the season if he completely falls apart.
Remember Villanueva last year?
Remember Parra last year?
Cameron is looking good though.
He is playing how I expected him to play last year:
Making good plays, getting on base A LOT.
And let's be real.
He has the greatest cheekbones the MLB has ever seen:

Them's some cheekbones.

Tonight Parra pitches and he makes it past the 5th I will be a happy girl.
I would also like to give props to Villanueva, who closed the game quite well last night.

In other baseball news:
I still find Ryan Braun extremely attractive.

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  1. Ryan Braun is nice, but I'm totally in love with Dale Sveum! He's a damn sexy bald man!