Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 26

Lazy Sunday.
Lazy Sunday.
Lazy Sunday.

Read the Sunday paper.
Looked at the ridiculously minimal job section.
Read the Brewer 09 special insert (the whole reason E. bought me the paper).
What if I just turned into a newsie and started calling them "papes?"
I'm afraid people would just think I am a bad typer.

Even the paper was a lazy read, except for the Brewer stuff, there was nothing of excitement or import, really. Nothing I really remember anyway.

E and I had another Chinese food fest with some wontons (no wonder my pants don't fit me anymore) and some fried rice.
We watched Hitchcock's "To Catch A Thief."
Not fabulous, but entertaining.
And Cary Grant is a dreamboat.

Then I made the mistake of a lifetime.
I was perusing the the movie channels, seeing if I could find anything that was starting around that time.
And there it was.
Opening credits rolling.
The Sex and the City Movie.
And as much as I didn't want to see it.
I thought it might give me a few cheap laughs.
And lull me to sleep.
It got me so angry I had to watch the last part of Juno to put me in a better place.
The only thing I didn't hate about the movie was that Samantha broke up with her bf.
That was great.
But also oddly placed since she seemed like an afterthought throughout the whole movie anyway.
But everything else I hated.
Vomit vomit vomit.
Also how LONG was this movie?
Almost three hours?
And there were no funny parts at all.
Although, I did like Miranda's hair in the film.
What I didn't understand was at the end, Carrie's voiceover was saying how she and Big just needed each other, and not some marriage, blippity bloo, and then the final scene is her getting married.
Because her being a successful writer, living luxuriously in NYC with her bf is not enough.
Even though she just said it was (in the v.o.).
So it seemed like the film was trying to be "We're fierce, we just need each other" what you saw on screen was the complete opposite.
Case in point:
Carrie reads Samantha's daughter "Cinderella" and says, "You know this is just pretend, right?"
The girl nods and says "Again."
To which Carrie says, "Another one bites the dust."
Except that is what this movie is.
It's a fairy tale.
The difference is that in fairy tales, the princesses generally have to over come some kind of hardship...I will take Disney Princesses over SATC any day.
What do the ladies on SATC have to get over?
Can't find husbands/shoes?
I won't even comment on the one sided view of feminity it provides.
Could not one of them be poor? Or non-white? Or jobless?
Okay so that last one was for me.
Homogoneous, heternormative horse hockey.
This could totally be my thesis if I ever went back to grad school.
That or baseball films and feminism.

You know it's bad when a Hitchcock film portrays the ladies better than a current movie.

I had to find something else to watch just to get the bad taste out of my mouth.
So I found the last hour of "Juno" which was schmaltzy in a much more palatable hipster way.
Because if any kind of pregnancy is funny, it's white teenage pregnancy.


  1. i love your extreme hatred of trash.
    you pretend like any of that is supposed to be anything BUT trash.
    i understand most people see it as empowering, but i guarantee those people have been/will be raped.