Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 48

Today was supposed to be a highly productive day.
The day was supposed to go like this:
Wake up kind of early.
Go get cambros of coffee and water for our neighborhood's clean-up.
Go to neighborhood clean-up, take part.
Beautify neighborhood.
Come home, shower.
Go to Genoa City to show Rex to a prospective home.
Get home, take in Brewer game.

Instead it went like this:
Woke up later than expected but still early by my standards.
Picked up empty cambros from neighbor.
Drove to Brady Street to fill said cambros.
Running about 15 minutes late at this point.
Load cambros in car and realize we forgot to get cups/creamers/sugars.
Turn around, pick up said items.
On the way home it starts pouring out.
Upon turning onto McKinley it's thundering and lightening out.
Not terribly conducive to an earth day clean-up.
M is torn as to whether she should just postpone it or cancel and reschedule.
As I hate getting wet, I vote for rescheduling.
We decide to go home, M. sends out an email TBA-ing another time.
I'm secretly happy about this as I'm exhausted and feel as if I deserve a relaxation day.
I take in a ridiculous amount of bad television (America's Next Top Model marathon on Bravo. Seriously).
But it enables me to veg without getting too angry.

Four o'clock rolls around and I'm off to take Rex to meet his potential new family.
They have a Shih Tzu so I'm hoping Rex doesn't think that the little fluff ball is lunch.
Three or four hours later I'm back home and Rex is adoption pending.
As I missed the Brewer game the night before, I made it a point to record the game.

Before I come upstairs, I make sure E. has it so I won't see the score of the game.
It's all set for me, E. is watching his game on the computer so it's just a fine night of baseball at the Burch-Castrapel household.

Before E. goes to bed he tells me I should probably extend my recording time further as the game is still on.
Which means extra innings.
I'm not extremely thrilled with this, but it DOES mean that we must come back from the deficit that they were in at the time.
The game goes to 11 innings, with the Crew winning it all in the end.
No rubber match needed, The Brew Crew had won the series.
That is two series in a row AND four games in a row.
It was a good game, but I'm glad I wasn't there, for scoring purposes alone.
How does one mark an out that was caused by a hit?
This is something I will need to research.
In all the books I checked out from the library, I don't think any of them are on scoring.
What kind of library-checker-outer am I???
One that doesn't use the card catalog and just wanders and takes music out in order, and baseball books out in order.

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