Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 41

In the park.

I don't know if any of you have seen "The Stella Shorts."
But this song is used a lot.
And I love it.
For some reason, it never gets old...

So another pleasant day in Milwaukee Proper.
I passed out 1/4 sheets for our neighborhood clean-up because I'm such a good vice president.
Talked to some neighbors, mostly about my "running dogs."
As in "Are them those runnin dogs?"
EVERY single time I walk them.
A close second is "Are they gonna have babies?"
I will permit the first comment because I realize I am a total dog geek, and will sit and watch dog shows. So maybe I'm a little more familiar with the names of certain breeds.
But the "having babies" comments saddens me.
It doesn't SURPRISE me.
But it does make me sad. Because it's hard to instill the values of controlling the pet population when you are shouting across the street.
Don't think I haven't done it before.
I really think the Wisconsin Humane Society, which isn't even located that far outside of Milwaukee Proper should do some inner city outreach.
I'm just saying. Cos I think the kids would like learning about dogs/cats and then you sneak in some spay/neuter propaganda. That's how I would do it.

After an hour or so of that I was sweating. It was not only nice out.
It was warm felt good, but I forgot how many steps there are on the south side of Juneau.
Hammies will be aching tomorrow. But I figure it's good exercise.
Get home in time to take in the latter half of the Brewer game.
The score is tied, 0-0.
I make myself a Bloody Mary and settle in to the first real pitching match of the season.
Gallardo vs. Santana.
And considering the score stayed 0-0 'til the bottom of the 6th or 7th (in my defense, I don't keep score at home and I had just drank a bloody mary on an empty stomach after walking around the neighborhood in the sun), it was a pretty good match-up.
When the run was scored due to an error from everyone's favorite 2nd basement.
While I would love it for the Crew to turn it around, a loss like this is kind of okay.
Because our bull pen doesn't really win games and if the game would have gone into extra innings it would be kind of like prolonging the inevitable.
Giving me false hope.
Oh Brewers.
There you go breaking me heart.
The really awful thing is they just need to win.
And they are so close.
All the freaking time.
And Suppan is pitching tomorrow.
Kind of a guaranteed L.
I will keep my hopes up.

In addition to putting my hours to use for CSP; E and I also did a home visit with our mutt-links.
Went well.
Dogs were good.
Family seemed nice.
Everything on the up and up.
It looks like another greyhound will be adopted soon.

E was not feeling well so he decided to lay low for the rest of the night.
M&Z had invited us over for some cockies and games with their friends R&A.
Good times were had by all.
I lost at Settlers of Catan (again!) but per yuge, they had delicious cheese and spirits to offer me.
I got to have some good conversation with smart ladies which I heart...even though I was quite surprised that they both chose "Bust" over "Bitch".
I pick "Bitch" although I used to pick "Bust."
In all fairness I let my subscriptions lapse on both due to my recession.
But once I get a job I will definitely be returning to both mags because I think it's important to support feminist media.
Once I turn Jewish I will subscribe to "Heeb."
And a special thank to M. who said she would accompany me on my search for a synagogue.

All in all, a great day.
Even if the BrewCrew did lose.
Nothing a little wine and cheese couldn't fix.

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