Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 35

This recession just keeps getting longer and longer.

Today is Easter Sunday.
And E and I made bagels for the family gathering, where I missed my cue to the "He is Risen" line.
It kind of felt like one of those dreams where you have to take a test for a class you never went to.
So I racked my brain for what to say on Easter Sunday.
I mean, I was at church the first 12 years of my life, and those are formative ones, so I knew it had to be in there somewhere.
But instead, I just stood there like I was the Easter Bunny getting caught hiding the baskets.
Finally the aunt who had quizzed me initially said "He is Risen, INDEED."
Upon hearing that I knew that I had never heard this before, so I didn't feel like a complete bagel making heathen.
I was wearing my "Jesus Loves This Chick" shirt after all.
Which was a HUGE hit.
So we see the extended family, say our hellos, talk about weddings, the yuge at any Burch event.

We leave early-ish because, you guessed it.
Another Brewer game. Rubber match.
The series thus far is tied.
But with Suppan on the mound anything can happen.
And did it ever.
The first pitch of the game Soriano belts for a solo homer.
Oh, this does not bode well.
And then the worst inning in the world.
Well at least, the worst inning I have ever seen.
The 4th inning.
And Suppan WALKS 3 runs in.
And then our reliever WALKS in a fourth.
It was bad news baby bears, literally.
We almost took those back with a would-be grand slam from Fielder, but he was robbed by an amazing, sports-reel-for-the-ages catch.

The good news is that we have bagels and cream cheese left over.
And my recession garden hasn't died yet.
Tomorrow the dance party job search continues.

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