Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 36

Recession news!
I know.
I know.
You can hardly believe it.
I have a phone interview scheduled for Wednesday!
This is the greatest news the recession has offered me thus far.
So wish me luck.
And don't call me on Wednesday at 2 pm.
Because I'll be trying to get a job.

And this IS good news, because upon searching for jobs today, I found not alot.
Read: none.
I found jobs I had either already applied to and got rejected from or there was just nothing.
So I'm hoping this phone interview pans out.
We will see.
Per yuge I will keep you all posted.

In other news I got a new foster dog today!
And we all know how much I love the doggies.
His name is Rex and currently he is wearing boxer shorts.
He has a sore that he likes to lick so the boxer shorts are acting as a big loose bandage.
Luckily he is a typical greyhound and the extra work of nudging the shorts is too much for him, so he has left his sore alone thus far.
He is very handsome.

The Crew plays the Reds tonight, and with our "ace" on the mound it should be a W.
SHOULD being the operative word.
We'll see.

I'm waiting for the weather to get warmer so I can go outside without worrying about losing all feeling in my digits and being able to work in my garden.
I see little day lily sprouts all over the place and am getting antsy!
Not to mention the blooming success of my recession garden.
Pun totally intended.
But alas, nearing mid-April and the plastic is still on the windows, sweaters are still not packed away and I am still consistently dressing in layers.
Oh 'Sconnie.
I love ya.

Side note:
I have to HIGHLY recommend putting plastic on your windows during the winter season.
Our house is over 100 years old and new windows are quite expensive...especially when jobless.
So while we wait to replace the draftiest windows in the world, we covered the worst ones in plastic.
While I'm no mathematician, I can say with certainty that we used less energy than last year AND kept our house about five degrees warmer!
Is it ugly?
But smaller energy bills are so very very pretty.
So there is a winter recession tip for all of you.
But I have to admit, I will continue this trick until the end of time.
Because who doesn't love to be thrifty?

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