Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 50

Because I have four greyhounds in the house, it shouldn't be a huge surprise that they wake me up at ungodly hours.

After falling asleep during L&O last night (perhaps I'm in a mid-life crisis because I keep thinking of jobs I would a. like to do and b. be good at, and I can't help but think I would be smart enough to be a detective on the major case squad), the dogs (and by dogs I mean MY dog) woke me up at 7 this morning.
I let them all out and feel I should be able to get a couple more hours of sleep without whining.
Not true.
Super decides she needs attention during this time and Peanut (one of the hounds we're dog-sitting for) is barking.
So I get up after probably a collective 6 hours of sleep and see at least Peanut is barking because there is a random Rottweiler roaming the alley.
Oh Milwaukee Proper.
I promptly race downstairs, grab a leash and head out the door to try to catch it.
I thought maybe it was my neighbor's Rott, who doesn't like dogs, but is okay with humans.
So I'm walking up and down the alley in slippers and my pajamas looking for a pretty big rottweiler.
I did not find it, nor did I see it, so it must have been a speedy boy, or Peanut, in all of her tiny black greyhound glory scared it away.

So I'm up.
Facebook adds a pleasant distraction as does Improv Everywhere.
Check it out.
I find it highly humorous, mostly because I've been on a musical kick lately.

I finally get to blogging about the weekend, albeit late, at least it's done.

On the docket for today:
Job searches, obs. That doesn't ever change does it?
Grocery shopping! I love it, and I'm throwing myself a bday bash this week (you should come!) and I will be getting some basic supplies.
New this year: spinach dip in a home-made rye bowl.
Also new: sangria instead of punch! (I think it will be cheaper?
Except the bowl will be square one, as I don't have a round bread machine.
Let's be real.
I might also experiment with making tortilla chips to go with my taco dip.
They're incredibly easy it seems and cheap!
I might try those out tonight.

It looks as if my tomatoes are FINALLY growing.
I can't wait until we get our bed built in the back yard.
Why a raised bed you ask?
Because I am a horrible weeder and I feel this will prevent the onslaught of weeds that happens to my poor back yard garden every year.

E's off this week, so I hope to get the house in tip-top shape for party town USA.
I hope it's fun.
And people actually come.
I always get worried about such.

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  1. four greyhounds! Good GOD! You are like a cat lady but with dogs.