Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 37

While I would love to have great news regarding the Brewers.
I do not.
Instead I have created a mantra that I keep repeating to myself after each and every loss, which is 6 for those of you not keeping track:
It's still early in the season. It's still early in the season. It's still early in the season.
If this play keeps up, I will most definitely have a heart attack by the end of the season.
Or at least the hypertension will be back.
The West Bend Silver Lining(s) are the following:
Parra actually had a quality start. While I don't necessarily believe in quality starts, they seem to get a lot of press. He just had no run support. Which let's be honest...I think if you score 16 runs over the span of three losing games, I'm thinking you might be tired physically and psychologically.
Hardy's bat is waking up it appears. His solo homer was the only score in tonight's game.
Even our bull pen looked good tonight.
And by bull pen I mean everyone but Villanueva.
Who gave up three runs in the top of the ninth.
To give us a five run defecit rather than a much more manageable two run deficit.
I can't wait to hear "Hell's Bells" ring through Miller Park.
That will be a fine moment indeed.
Either way we lost.
I did get to see me pops and got lots of accolades for my baseball knowledge/fandom which is always a good thing.
And a free dinner (thanks Pop!)!

I still think we have talent.
I know, I know.
Call me crazy.
But I'm not a fair weather fan.
I don't believe in leaving a game early, much less a team 8 games into a 162 game season.
(that's about 5% of the season for all you mathletes out there).
I'll watch.
I'll love.
I'll get my heartbroken numerous times.
But there not going to lose EVERY game.
And the wins will be that much more dramatic.
At least that's what I keep telling myself.
And I have my mantra.
For now.
Here's hoping it doesn't morph into:
"It's not even the all star break. It's not even the all star break. It's not even the all star break."

After the game I needed something to occupy my time and a couple days earlier I had DVR'd "Reality Bites."
And I have to say.
I still really like this movie.
It's so so SO 90s.
The Gap.
AIDS tests.
And the decadeless drama of boy vs. girl then boy + girl.
It's pretty perfect.
Not to mention some of the gems of dialogue that I quote on an almost daily basis:

Are you retarded?
No I'm rhyming.

PFLAG. I'm behinning to like the sound of that.

Roll 'em right up.

Melrose Place is a really good show.

I'm sure this totally ages me and I don't care.
It's funny.
It's ridick.
And it put me in a way better place than the Brewer game did.

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