Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 47

Today was a good day.
I only wish I would've gotten to hang out with P. today which I should have known wouldn't happen because I had made plans prior with J. of another E&J.

The day begins with my E. going to the hospital because he was to get a small country removed from his back.
He had a birthmark in the shape of Africa back there.
I always loved this birthmark, but the JD/MD said it could potentially be cancerous.
And I don't love it THAT much.
So in the midst of the recession, E. had a wee minor surgery.
Which is fine.
So he gets home and I had been having a FB party all morning long as the dogs had awoken me.
So I email J. and tell her I will be over sometime after 130 as E. has to get a prescription filled.
Plus I have to run to the store to get alcohol and other acoutrements.

I get to J's house around 230 or so and we start drinking wine coolers, which is completely fine with me, as I can't say no to vino mixed with a delicious lemon lime soda...can you?

So we drink, gossip, talk about our E's respectively (there was some minor drama with her E. that we discussed at first seriously, but then in became the joke of the day as these things often do, at least with me).

We screenprinted some bags for a fashion fair she was in (she's a clothing designer, and a good one at that, AND cheap! And I obs mean cheap in that I would buy her clothes, not that they are cheaply made). I'm totes jealous of her ability to sew and create and sell her stuff, but am thankful because I did get a shirt last year (or so) for my bday, which I flipping love.

So, I learned to screenprint which is dreadfully easy and can't believe I never did it before as I've been wanting JD/MD shirts for basically my whole life. So now I have this grand scheme of opening a shop to sell J's clothes, A's crafts, and my bread. Or if I ever screen print stuff, then that.

After screenprinting some bags we played some rockband, and before we knew it, it was like 11 pm. Good times indeed, with girly talk and minor plumbing mixed in.

I got home around 1am, E. was surprisingly still awake and not in a vicodin coma, I just went to bed while E. watched his baseball game.
I had heard thru the grapevine that the Brewers had won so I was able to sleep restfully.

Top day (and night!).

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