Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 40

A virtual Lenten season of unemployment.
If I would have planned this better, and I practiced Lent, I could have given up working for Lent.


So I get a phone call this morning at 930.
No one calls me at 930.
So I decide to wake up and sound like I didn't just roll right out of bed.
Because apparently, when companies call you, their phone identity doesn't always show up.
And for phone screeners like us, that is a tricky situation.
So I answer it.
And it's yet ANOTHER job that I applied to.
Junior Copywriter at Uline.
And they want an interview!
I have to take a battery of tests/assessments prior to the interview.
Which should prove interesting.
My interview is for Thursday, April 23.
Wish me some luck in this interview AND in hopes that I get another interview for the UWCU.

At least we know now that my resume doesn't suck.
Yay me.
Maybe if neither of these jobs pan out I can become a professional resume writer.

On the docket for today is OUTSIDE-NESS!
It's gorgeous out so I think we may need to head to a box-store to get a pooper scooper and my backyard can resemble a backyard again.
Rather than a land mine.
Pull weeds.
Lay some mulch.
"Pick up the dog doo, hope that it's hard."--Joe Walsh
In other recession garden news:
I moved my seedlings into the sun today.
And I found this awesome website which I think will be perfect for dummy-gardeners like myself:
Part blog, part forum, part garden geekery.
It's great.
Loves it.
I even sent an email singing my praises.
Because too often people don't hear that they are doing a good job.

For instance.
I just complimented Palermo's via their website.
For those of you who don't know.
Palermo's is a ridiculously good LOCAL frozen pizza company.
PLUS they have an organic line, and it's not any more expensive than the other ones!
So last year or so we decided to try one...mostly because of the Brewer games and the Palermo's Pizza Toss.
And we were shocked and awed into being repeat customers.
Not only do they do organic fro-poes (my nickname for frozen pizzas), but they have an extensive variety of vegetarian pizza's.
Like other than "cheese."
So I decided to tell them how I felt.
Just for visiting the website I got a coupon!
And after I submitted my compliment I got another one!
Happy Recession to me!
Note: You do need a pizza box to submit a compliment as they want to know the code (I'm assuming for quality assurance).
Sometimes it pays to be a sweet lil' gal.
Who loves pizza.
And I'm not even getting paid for this.

In other news:
We also need to make a run to Kinko's to make some high-res copies of my work for my portfolio-a-g0-g0.
Do you know how hard it is for me to NOT make a collage on the cover of my portfolio?
Or at least a sticker of some sort?
It's very hard.
I'm going to see if we can push Kinko's onto tomorrow as today is so flipping nice and I just want to do some garden prep work.

I really want pizza now.
I could always make some.

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