Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 23

New dog day!
New dog day!
Dog sitting for a couple of days for a fellow GPA-er.
He's big and black and goof-o-matic.
For a greyhound.
His name is Dodge.
And for some reason I've taken to calling him Senor Dodge or Dodger or Dodge Ball.
But I like it.

On the docket for today.
More job searching/applying.
Although I have to say I am getting dreadfully sick of it.
Possibly some planting of the seeds.
So I can start my urban vegetable garden.
If anything grows.
I still don't have much confidence in myself.

The good news:
As I am having some besties over on Saturday I think I will discuss my book idea with them.
As I will need their help and the help of people they still know.
Because I am highly paranoid, I will not discuss the premise of the book here, because I'm sure there are people who are way more motivated than I am.
And will get it done much more quickly than I can.
Stay tuned.
Good times on the bayou.
Good times around the corner.
[That was a hint.]

Besides jobs, I'm also searching for a rolling pin.
I just want a plain wooden one.
Are these so terrifically hard to find?
Target, mega super fun town that it is, only had non-stick ones.
They were super heavy and ugly.
Which isn't a huge deal, as it's just a rolling pin.
But if I'm going to pay $20, it better be the exact one that I want.
I'm just saying.

Recession update:
Applied for two jobs in Madison.
Make that two copywriting jobs in Madison.
I don't think we'd move there necessarily.
And let's be real.
I have heard back from zero jobs thus far.
So if I have to drive an hour or so to a job I really like.
I guess I can do that.
I can listen to the new Neko Case.
And there is the badger bus which goes up there.
Which is also something to be looked into.

Wifery update:
I found a rolling pin.
I knew Crate and Barrel wouldn't let me down.
Cheaper than Target.
I'm doing a good job at the recession.

Added to my cookery repertoire:
Cream cheese wontons!
So delicious and easy.
I'm sure each one is a heart attack in a fun little (edible!) package but I figure what better way to die than eating delicious puffs of cream cheese and onions?
Teenage suicide
Don't do it.

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  1. Do share your recipe for cream cheese wontons. LOVE cream cheese wontons!