Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 66

Today was a lazy day.
I did do some running earlier in the day.
I actually did a full jog!
Hardly any jalking this time.
So, yay me.
I just have to keep it up now.
No easy task, but fitting into my clothes the way I used to is a pretty good motivation.
I'm vain like that.

I got through the jog before the thunderstorm came, which was a good thing.
E and I were thinking of grilling out, but the weather kept us indoors snacking on crackers and cheese.

I had made plane to go over to M&Z's house to work on the CSP newsletter, which seems to be the thing no one wants to work on. But when you do it in a group, as it was supposed to be as JM was supposed to show, but was having childcare issues apparently, it goes by fast.
And it goes by faster when you're sharing a bottle of wine.
Or two.
So upon leaving the house with my umberella, ella ella ella, ey ey ey ey.
I head over.
And now it's full on storming out.
Thunder, cracks of lightening, the whole shebang.
But, I have to say.
I love it.
I heart thunderstorms.
I don't necessarily heart walking through them, but I love the sounds, the sights, the smells.
The whole experience of the thunderstorm.
MG and I got the newsletter done in about four hours, with some gossip breaks thrown in for good measure.
Not a bad night at all.
It did run a little late, as I was going to have to wake up early tomorrow to see the dreaded Cubs take on the Padres of San Diego in Chicago.

This task will be even more difficult as:
1. I am not a morning person
At all.
2. Our coffee grinder decided to break/go on the fritz today. I can hope that an elf will come and fix it whilst we sleep, but our luck indicates that this will not happen and that we will be forced to go coffee-less.
3. Jj without coffee makes her even less of a morning person.
Oh it's possible.

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