Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 84

I'm not gonna lie.
I had a wicked headache upon waking up this morning.
A bottle of wine will do that to a girl.
I felt worse for my fellow griller-outers (and E. who had to open) as they all had to wake up early.
I woke up thinking it was 11 or noon and was oh-so-relieved when I found out it was only 8.
I still woke up around 930, which is early for me, yes still.
Since I missed the previous day's ball game, I decided that would be great Sunday morning activity, and then I would go to work in the garden, as I have weeds a-go-go back there.
And, while I think my vegetable bed will be filled, I have lots of open space, so I will need to buy more flowers, I'm afraid.
I have learned in my seedling starting ways, that while my sunflowers are doing GREAT, my other flowers I bought are not doing so great, I will try again next year, but I will plan better.

So I watched the game on the computer, transplanted the rest of my veggie seedlings (my Hungarian peppers aren't big enough yet...well I don't think they're big enough) and started weeding and digging out the prickliest of weeds.

In an effort to fit into my clothes again, I've decided to cut back on the day drinking so I didn't have a Corona with Uecker on the radio, and it was still quite lovely and enjoyable and I got just as good a tan!
It's true, kids.
My arms are almost as dark as my southern Californian mate's.
Take that!

While I made progress, I'm not done, and will need to get some wood chips (who has a truck I can borrow???) to curb the regrowing of the dreaded weeds.

In other news, I firmly believe that what I thought was rhubarb growing in my backyard, is actually a weed.
Which means...
I can get rid of it!!!
Because I've been schooling myself on local food, and growing food, although I'm not a huge fan of rhubarb, I felt I couldn't get rid of this plant that was flourishing, even thought it is the ugliest plant, in my opinion.
But it seemed like the stalks weren't ripening at all, and they are fuzzy, which the rhubarb we got from the farm share is not.
In doing research, I learned that it most likely isn't rhubarb at all as rhubarb isn't fuzzy like this stuff. This is plant that is related to rhubarb called Burdock.
Which will grow burrs this fall, or next if left to grow.
While I did see you could cook with it, I really, truly TRULY hate burrs, and had to deal with them when we first moved in as our backyard was a jungle.
If you want some burdock feel free.
I have a feeling it's going to be a beast to dig up.
But then my peony will be able to grow better.
Planning (and keeping!) a garden is hard.
But I'm trying.

E and I decided to continue to enjoy the weather by grilling out for dinner.

I then watched three bad movies:
The latest Indian Jones film: seriously!?!?! Aliens? I thought that someecard was a joke.
Live Nude Girls: Which wasn't good at all, but could see how people would like it in the mid-90s.
Pop. 436: Which was a thriller, but was totally predictable. But at least it had Jeremy Sisto and his dog, Winston Sisto in it. Which is totally cute.

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