Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 89

Farm Share Day!
Farm Share Day!

E and I get ridiculously excited at the prospect of fresh, organic produce every Friday. We get stuff we might not otherwise buy and we have been fairly good at making recipes with said ingredients.
What is hard, I've noticed is that although E claims to like sweets, we've had leftovers (now bad) of all the "sweet" things I've made. So as much as E says he was a sweet tooth, we are definitely savory eaters.
Or I need to figure out how to make 1/4 portions of the sweet stuff.
Either way, I'm still really proud that we've eaten as much as we have of the produce.

As a scam to get our CSPBFFs to hang out with us we offered to pick up the farm share and then drop it off later in the evening and we could hang and play games. The scam worked and we mosied over to M&Z's place shortly after their son's purported bed time to have some classy adult time.
And by classy I mean alcohol out of glasses and a couple games of Blokus on their newly sodded back patio. With some super cute new patio lights.
Their patio is way cuter than our patio.
And I totally lost (first one out) in Blokus.
I'm not very good at game nights apparently.

I sometimes wish E and I had some of that "Keeping Up With the Joneses/Type A" that I've heard so much about, but alas, we seem to be really content with our mediocre house and patio.
Well, I guess I shouldn't say content. We (I) am working on scraping the walls since that is free and doesn't require money.
When I feel like it.
Slow and steady wins the race?

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