Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 83

Saturday in the Park...
Truly it was a Saturday in the park.
It wasn't he fourth of July.

Today was our neighborhood's first annual Spring Fling.
An event for neighbors to get together, spruce up the Cold Spring Park Gardens, sign-up to be a member, and get some lunch.

For being as unprepared as I felt in the days leading up to the event, I was quite happy to see kids show up to help weed the garden, play games and plant some grass. It makes me happy to know that these kids just need enrichment activities, and they will embrace them. They worked hard, and seemed to have fun.

The lunch was a bit of a debacle as the providers were given a grossly inflated number of attendees, but after lots of embarassing apologies from our pres, MG, they seemed okay with only giving away 25 free hot dogs, rather than the 200 that they were promised.

But at one point we had around 50 people (mostly kids) which is a good turn-out for the newsletters getting out so late.
And I had a couple kids ask where Super was.
She sure is popular, which is unfortunate, as she doesn't really like kids.
She doesn't hate them, but she really could just care less.

After the event we headed home to get together some food and beverages for a grill out with more neighbors.
For interested parties the menu that E and I brought:
veggie brats to be grilled
asparagus to be grilled
a rhubarb (with some apple) pie made from scratch. Yes. Even the crust...which was latticed on the top!!! (JT will be happy to know that that came from the 1957 Betty Crocker cook book he bought for me)
Mint Julep mix...also homemade, we got the mint from our farm share and E found a recipe.
It was delicious, although I don't think E. really liked it.
A bottle of white wine.

They have a fire pit, so it was quite a lovely rustic/urban (Rusban? Urbstic?) evening with neighbors/friends who aren't crazy and like to drink.

E and I were in bed by 11, which made me feel old, but I DID have a rock and roll show the night before, and manual labor that day, with nothing to eat except maybe an english muffin while waiting for Tucker (we were dog-sitting) to get picked up.

Long day, but good.
And in a couple of years we will have raspberry bushes at the garden!

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  1. It was a good day! Thanks for all the flyer dropping!