Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 98

I've recently learned that some people would like there to be more economic theory in this blog, since I am claiming to be a Victim of the Recession.

I would like to address this:

Hells to the no.

1. I have never taken an econ class in my life. Actually I did, and the professor spoke such horrible English (and all of his analogies had to do with cheeseburgers) that I couldn't understand him, which forced me to drop the class.
2. I have no interest in economic theory unless it's espoused upon by some pithy character on The Daily Show or an enlightening guest on such show. Theories I do have interest in: film, feminist and queer theories.
3. I depend on E to tell me what he thinks, what other people think and then I form my own opinion. Incredibly lazy? You bet, but we do have conversations about it, which is more than probably 95% of America or Ammerrca.
4. I would hope that the someecards photo and the little description preceding the blog would give some indication that, while I suppose it's true that we're living in a recession, I don't really consider myself a victim as these blogs are mostly about me continuing my daily life...sometimes on the cheap, and always on the ridick.

And so I apologize if I've mislead or misinformed any of you.
And now back to regular broadcasting.

Today was a day of laying about.
Took in the excruciating 9th inning/Hoffman loss for the Brewers.
It appears the Crew is playing ball again. And I would prefer Hoffman to "blow a save" (although it wasn't technically a save situation, and he notoriously doesn't do PERFECT in non-save situations) now, versus an American League team, then versus a division rival.

After listening to the disappointing last at-bats for the Brewers we went and did a home visit for our greyhound group, Greyhound Pets of America, Wisconsin. It went fine, Super enjoyed the car ride, and could care less about his pet cat, so all was good.

We had planned on having one of my favorite meals of all time:
The Infamous Mozzarella Rustique sandwich ala Beans & Barley.
We make ours a little differently, but it's just as good.
Loaf of ciabatta bread
Fresh mozz (or the kind that comes in balls/logs...ha ha, I just said balls and logs)
Then you make a sandwich out of those delicious ingredients.
And it's amazing.

Upon getting home, we had learned of an impromptu BBQ that our CSPBFFs were throwing.
So we decided to take our ingredients and head over.
After an appetizer course of mango hookah and some adult bevvies we ate a delicious salad and heated our bread on the grill.
M&M also joined us, and we enjoy their company as they are young and fun like us.
Like true adults we stayed until a decent hour (M had a test the next morning and E had to work. I had some blogging to do).

E went to bed, I watched "The Dark Knight" which I was, I hate to say, disappointed in. I felt "Batman Begins" was much better and featured a lot more Christian Bale.
Granted "The Dark Knight" also features Aaron Eckhart, whom I've recently started finding attractive, it really didn't sate my hot-dude craving.
I almost watched "American Psycho" to make up for it, but it was already 3am and I had delusions of granduer that I would wake up early to take in a run.


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