Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 101--open letter to Bill Hall inside!

I slept in.
Oh lordy did I sleep in.
And it wasn't like I woke up all refreshed.
Quite the contrary my friends.
My dear readers.
I woke up completely exhausted, and with my right ear clogged.

You see.
As many of you know, I have crooked ear canals.
Which means I have to get my ears professionally cleaned out every now and then because the wax can't come out the way it does with other people.
Totes gross, but c'mon.
Everyone has wax.
Not the greatest of malaises, I will admit.
But an annoying one.
Especially when one is playing the no-insurance game.
But let's be real, if having a clogged ear is the worst of it, I should be praising Allah.
So my ear was all wonky, I was exhausted, and we had a house to clean, since we totally skipped that part the day before.

After the preliminary email/facebook/gpa forum checking we settled into our routine.
E gets the upstairs, I get the downstairs, minus the kitchen as E doesn't like the way I load our dishwasher.
This isn't a lie.
Much like he doesn't like how I clean the bathroom so he does it.
No skin off my astrabula.
You wanna do it?
Go to town.

The house didn't take nearly as long as I had initially suspected.
Maybe we are getting better at not being utter, effing slobs.

E, in his super productiveness, started a loaf of bread, and after that was done, decided pizza for dinner would be a good idea, and started the bread machine for the dough.

My idea for dinner was brushcetta on the bread, and then a caprese salad.
E decided he wanted pizza too.
I thought this was a ridick amount of food, but obliged since he did make the bread and the dough for the pizza.
Since the dough was still a brewing, I decided to stick with my ever-other-day running routine and go for a run.
And by run, I should clarify that I mean jog.
There is nothing speedy about the way I run.
And it was a good one, if I do say so myself.
I got through all four of my songs, which is generally my goal, and thought maybe I could have done another one, but didn't want to push it.
If I keep this up, hopefully the pants will fit a little better.
Plus I do 100 crunches before the run and 100 after.
I have seen zero results as of yet, but I'm not giving up hope.

In other news:
I still don't get Weezer.

Dinner was, indeed, fabulous, but as previously assessed, too much food, which just meant pizza and salad as leftovers!

The night brought us baseball and reading, which seems to be our new nightly routine.
The Crew eked out an extra-innings win, no thanks to Hoffman (the reason the game went into extra innings), and JJ Hardy saved the day.
Thank GOD that he has broken his dry spell.
Even Billy Hall hit a homer.

Open letter to Billy Hall:

Dear Bill Hall,
I want to like you.
I like the way you play defense at 3rd (well I like it better than Gamel).
I understand that you have confidence issues, and I can't really understand that.
I'm happy that you seem to not be striking out on low and away pitches as much as you were last year.
But here's the thing:
You hit a homer last night, which is great!
Good job! Lord knows we need all the runs we can get versus the Indians.
But it wasn't a no-doubter, maybe off the bat it felt like one, but it barely made it over the fence.
And rather than running it out, you kind of just dropped your bat and watched it go out.
I don't like this behavior from anyone, really, unless you were previously beaned by the pitcher, or it's some major grudge match.
Or maybe you're batting .300 (i.e. Ryan Braun, but even most of the time he just jogs it out).
But even then it's iffy sportsmanship at best.
It's not like you were "owed" a homer.
It's not like you were even getting hard-hit outs like JJ Hardy (who by the way, didn't start "jogging" until he rounded 2nd).
You're barely hitting .200 (.201 to be exact).
Please act a little bit more humble when something good at the plate does happen for you.
Victim of the Recession

He had a 35 HR season 3 years ago, and have done little since then.
And, it appears that I am not the only one to have noticed this.
While most of the time the comments on the Brewer website are filled with fair-weather fans, or people who don't know much about the game, this lot had some good comments to make and some good discussion.
After the painful win (a dub is a dub is a dub), I finished watching "Angels in American," was happy with my pick-up of the abandonment motif, but would still like to read some articles/essays on other themes that I'm sure I'm missing. And I'm not sure how I feel about the ending, but I realize endings are hard, and I can't understand why Justin Kirk didn't get a slew of awards for his portrayal of Pryor Walter.
And I do love that name.

I then read a couple more chapters in "Confederacy of Dunces" which is just okay at this point.
I'm sure part of the problem is that it gets rave reviews from 95% of those who read it, and the other 5% hate it.
I'm in the middle.
It's not the best thing I've read, but it's certainly better than "Them" by Joyce Carol Oates.
Man, did I hate that book.

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